Piletic Company d.o.o. deals with representation of renowned manufacturers of electromechanical and electronic components (Amphenol, Bussmann, Bopla, Binder, Clampco Systems, Ixys, Westcode, Epcos ...) and complete installation equipment for mobile telephony (Spinner, FIMO, Roxtec, Coiler, Cobham Wireless. ..), as well as the distribution and sale of products in the areas of Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Montenegro, BiH and Macedonia.

Piletić is one of the leading providers of specialized equipment and components in the country and the region.


- Mobile operators
- Industrial companies
- Contractors for telecommunications networks and systems
- Institutes

SPINNER GmbH is one of the leading companies in the world for the production of high quality RF connectors and jumper cables for mobile communication systems, as well as all other passive components for broadcast systems (hangers, earthing, waterproofing ..)

You can see more about individual manufacturers of radio communication equipment HERE LINK here.

EPCOS AG, the manufacturer of a very wide range of passive electronic components and surge arresters for telephone line protection in two-pole and three-pole versions, with or without thermoclip (from 90V - 600V), is particularly interesting to the markets in the region.

Among the passive electronic components are also GEYER ELECTRONIC e.K, manufacturers of quartz crystals, oscillators, filters, resonators.

GRUNER AG produces classic and bistable relays as well as servo motors.

We are an authorized representative and global corporation of AMPHENOL, a world leader in the manufacture of very wide range of connectors (military connectors with MIL stand, industrial, RF, for chip cards, modular, audio and various other types), which are applicable in many fields.

If you intend to incorporate your electronics into the enclosure, BOPLA, a manufacturer of high-quality aluminum and plastic enclosures, is on offer.

IXYS has become a corporation by merging with CLARE and WESTCODE.

IXYS Corporation manufactures the widest range of semiconductor components.
IXYS ICD (ex CLARE) manufactures semiconductor relays for telecommunications applications, integrated telephony and industrial modem solutions.
IXYS UK (ex WESTCODE), a world leader in the production of a wide range of high power thyristors and diodes, modules, also a pioneer of "press-pack" IGBT technology.

BUSSMANN, manufacturer of fuses and surge protectors.

There is so much more on offer ...