OSLT Calibration Kits for plug connector serie 2.92mm

SPINNER measurement technology components is extended  with a new range of highly precise, compact calibration kits which are configured on an extended frequency range.
This improvement means an improved calibration result of the VNA is attained. With the introduction of the new product range we are tracking the development of the market in VNA devices which are increasingly on offer for applications at higher frequencies. Thanks to their precision and their design, these kits are also suitable for applications in the area of production or in laboratories, depending on requirements. (more)


Indoor repeater AT-1800 !!!

The time for AT-1800 repeater, designed for LTE1.8GHz has finally come. Coiler announced its latest development, based on experience with highly successful AT-2200 and AT-900 models.
The challenge of creating an LTE compatible repeater lies in minimizing the group delay time. While traditional repeaters typically have group delay time between 6~8 microseconds, the AT-1800 offers a superb value of 3.3 microseconds. Such result ranks this model among top solutions available on the market. AT-1800 will ensure your LTE experience anywhere you are.
With 65dB gain and output power of 13dBm for both UL and DL, AT-1800 is perfect for a variety of small & medium spaces.


Sealing equipment for hybrid cables
Roxtec launches seals for conduits and hybrid cables.
Roxtec Conduit Seal™ 1” and 2” is a light-weight cable entry solution developed for the telecom industry and the increasing use of fiber. It is quick and easy to install – and it allows the use of pre-terminated cables. The product seals the conduit in one end and the fiber bundle in the other, eliminating the frequent risk of damage due to humidity or ice. (more)



Extension of product portfolio

Spinner realised two new high-quality L-shaped R120 waveguide rotary joints (BN 635725 and 635726) with a design particularly adapted to the use with Ku band satellite communication systems with tight budget.



Newest custom product from our Comus Smart sensor line
The Comus Group presents our newest additions to the Smart Sensor line. The PDT1004 and PDG1003 are multi-function sensors constructed around small profile housings for ease of mounting anywhere your application requires. (more)


Patio Heater Tip Switch
The Comus Group is proud to introduce newest custom product from Smart sensor line. This smart sensor was designed for gas patio heaters. The principle needs were very low power consumption, low contact resistance, anti-vibration and high reliability. If this propane powered patio heater is tipped over in any direction, sensor will shut the module off that regulates gas to the heater. Patio heaters have become popular with bars and restaurants since they extend the day and the season for their customers to sit outdoors. Response times of less than 1 millisecond have been reported for gas line shutoff when our sensor is installed properly. (more)


New SMD NTC thermistors
TDK Corporation presented two new series of narrowly toleranced EPCOS NTC thermistors in EIA 0402 and 0603 SMD case sizes. The components feature a rated resistance of 10 kΩ in tolerance classes ±1%, ±3% and ±5%. (more)


New small package GTO thyristor
IXYS UK Westcode Ltd. has introduced a 500A, 2.5KV GTO (gate turn-off) thyristor in a new smaller package. The new GTO thyristor rated at 500A & 2.5kV is based on IXYS UK’s established S500KC device; the die design has the same active area and performance, but with an improved termination design which allows the device to be encapsulated in a smaller 25mm pole face package
. (more)




New model of high power RF driver
IXYS announced on June 6th the release of our new IXRFD630 and IXRFD631 High Power RF Drivers.
These drivers succeed the DEIC420 and DEIC421 and represent the next generation of RF driver for many RF applications including 13.56 and 27.12 Mhz RF power. (more)


Još manji footprint za SMD komponente
Kompanija IXYS je predstavila dva tipa pakovanja: D2-Pak (TO-263) i D3-Pak (TO-268) za SMD komponente sa većim radnim naponima. Proizveden je još i manji footprint koji podržava radne napone od 1.2 kV do 1.8  kV, što će dovesti do smanjena gubitaka jer su oni mnogo manji na višim naponima. Gubici se smanjuju jer su potrebni i manji bakarni vodovi na štampanim pločicama. D3-Pak ima otisak od 5.8mm, dok D2-Pak otisak od 4.7mm. Ovo dokazuje da su SMD komponente mnogo efikasnije od drugih glomaznih elemenata i kako napreduje tehnika proizvodnje troškovi će biti  svedeni na minimum.


DC/DC converters
Cooper Bussmann announced the introduction of the Martek Abbott SL Series of DC/DC converters designed for airborne, shipboard, ground and other severe environment applications for proven reliability. (more)



Filotec i Bocube - new version of electronic enclosures
Bopla added new versions of the Filotec and Bocube series of enclosures to product range.


Clare.Inc, officially becomes
IXYS Integrated Circuits Division

Clare, Inc., an IXYS company and wholly owned subsidiary of IXYS, announces that it has changed the company name to IXYS Integrated Circuits Division. The Division designs, manufactures, and markets a wide variety of semiconductor devices, and is a major provider of optically isolated electronic products. (more)












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